Preparing and Waiting
Brian Mayfield |
09/17/2017 |
The preparing & the waiting is where faith is tested & perfected. Genesis 40, James 1:2-4
Suffering & Deliverance
Brian Mayfield |
09/10/2017 |
God will test us. The enemy will tempt us. Genesis 39
The Sale of the Savior
Brian Mayfield |
09/03/2017 |
God takes the very sins of the rebels and uses them as the means of the rebels' deliverance. Genesis 37
Together (Fellowship & Unity)
Brian Mayfield |
08/27/2017 |
Fellowship (as Jesus defines it) always begins with the Spirit of God & the Word of God.
Serve/Spiritual Leadership
Brian Mayfield |
08/20/2017 |
Following Jesus leads to serving others, not being served. Mark 10:35-45
Grow (Spiritual Maturity)
Brian Mayfield |
08/16/2017 |
Worship (Spirit & Truth)
Brian Mayfield |
08/06/2017 |
What Jesus is offering is always greater than what he's requesting. He pours into us to be poured back out of us. John 4:1-26
A New Identity
Chip Woosley |
07/30/2017 |
Our new identity demands complete obedience not partial obedience. Genesis 33
Jacob Wrestles with God
Brian Mayfield |
07/24/2017 |
When Sinners Sin
Chad Cronin |
07/16/2017 |
Genesis 29:21-27 Don't be surprised by the painful consequences of your own sin, expect them. Don't be surprised by the painful consequences of the sins of others, expect them too. When sinners sin, God's grace abounds.